igeL presentation at Living Kitchen 2011:

“The lightness of design” in hall 4.1


The special presentation by igeL, the Interessengemeinschaft Leichtbau e.V., ( promises lightweight designs for weighty products at Living Kitchen between 18 and 23 January. On an area of one hundred square metres, igeL will showcase surprisingly novel design approaches for the kitchen, living and bedroom area, in a show flat in hall 4.1. These innovative design solutions are only made possibly by the employment of lightweight construction technology for furniture. The presentation will be supported by the Ministry of Economy of North Rhine-Westphalia.

“The new, intelligent lightweight furniture concepts make seemingly difficult design problems solvable and enable planners to break new ground in terms of design”, explains Dipl. Designer Klaus Goecke from Goeckedesign, from the design office in Detmold (<link http:> He and his team are responsible for the implementation of the imaginative igeL presentation, in which renowned companies are involved: Matthias Wiemann GmbH & Co. KG (Georgsmarienhütte) for the bedroom area, WM Wöstmann Markenmöbel GmbH & Co. KG (Gütersloh) for the living room area, nobilia-Werke J. Stickling GmbH & Co. KG (Verl) for the kitchen area and Hettich (Kirchlengern) for the coordination of the fittings technology.

New furniture design made easy

Lightweight panel construction, with all of its facets, not only makes it possible to integrate fittings and light sources, or to bypass long stretches without deflection, but also to represent variations in material thickness and the use of new proportions in furniture design. Thanks to these possibilities, once seemingly exhausted areas can be re-discovered and approached in a completely new way in terms of design and functionality.

In the kitchen, for example: Even a three metre long lightweight wall cupboard can be opened to full width with only a single motion. Thus, just like in a professional kitchen, all utensils are in full view. The „Open Sesame“ wardrobe for the sleeping area is just as convenient: The wardrobe has basic dimensions of two and a half metres and, as if by magic, turns into a four metre wide walk-in-closet. With everything being this clearly arranged, it is even easier to decide which outfit to wear for the day. 

Fronts that seem to levitate in front of the furniture body, as well as exclusively designed functional modules that do not give a hint to their interior - this is how lightweight construction brings new design approaches to the living room. Complete installation modules in various lengths do not only make the inconspicuous electrification of media and accessories possible, they also enrich modern living environments in terms of design.

Real market opportunities

All solutions showcased in Cologne are prototypes with a very high pre-series production status. With the showcase at Living Kitchen, the igeL initiative proves that intelligent lightweight construction in the furniture and interior design areas can be implemented both technically as well as economically – with great visual appeal. “Lightweight furniture design has great potential for development, it offers the sector a new start for a future market success”, says Goecke with certainty. „The technical possibilities are far from exhausted.” The lightweight experts will be available for discussions and professional exchange at Living Kitchen. igeL is inviting interested persons from the entire value chain to work on solutions for the construction and production of light furniture together. 

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igeL at Living Kitchen Cologne 2011, 18-23 January, hall 4.1